Are you planning to travel to Bahamas? Then you should visit Nassau. Aside the adventurous activities and beach events, Nassau is a lovely place for having a nice time. You can enjoy a lot my working on the island. Some of the place you can enjoy by walking is climbing the Nassau’s Vantage Point and some other Adventure Activities You Could Enjoy In Nassau. there are enormous sites for walking tour but some of them would be discussed.

Church Street is a wonderful site you can visit and always revisit before when you are in Nassau. The grand church is a magnificent specimen of the local architecture. It’s the oldest church you can find in Bahamas. And grounds are well decorated with antique designs and décor which are feast for the eyes.

Junkanoo Beach is another site to walk while you are in Nassau, it is not just naturally and wonderfully beautiful but it cultural heritage is a plus to it. Walking along the coast would make you explore the most from this beach. The sandy soil gives tourist a pleasing experience along with the sunset at the beach.

Walking Tour at Nassau

Junkanoo festival is one of the preserved Nassau’s festivals which many always like to witness from around the world. It is celebrated on the street by people from different part of Bahamas attend the parade wearing different costume and the winners are always announce for a price gift.

If you are visiting Nassau during this event, you must walk beside the parade to enjoy the thrill and beauty of this event. Also, you should go with lots of gifts to share because it’s always a gift sharing moment.

The two aforementioned sites have historical importance and visiting Nassau to learn anout this interesting historical and cultural heritage of Bahamas is fun. You can learn about them at Fincastle Fort and Charlotte Fort in Bahamas. The ancient Fincastle Fort is famous for the Queen’s Staircase. It has staircase with 66 steps. These steps lead up to the Fort. Though this is a tiny castle, it has eye-catching beauty. It is famous for its beautiful ancient architecture.

Charlotte Fort is a huge castle – the biggest castle in the Bahamas. This is another specimen of ancient local architecture.

Nassau is famed for its shops full of local handicrafts. You will find hundreds of such souvenir shops while walking on Nassau Street. The handicrafts are superb and they represent the taste and tradition of the Bahamas. You can buy them as they come in a reasonable rate.

If you love to walk and survey, Nassau has a lot of things to offer for you. So, you must try it along with other activities.

So, if you are taking into account Bahamas vacations, you must visit Nassau and visit these places by walking; note that, by walking. This is cheaper than trying a car. You can also get rid of the excessive cost if you rent one of the lower rate Nassau Bahamas hotels.

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