Privacy policy

Privacy Policy for EasyFlight.Net

The Privacy policy of Easyflight.Net is based on the personal data that we collect from our customers. This data is provided by the customers through the application, the site and other services.

Before processing, the customers are required to authorize us to store their privacy information securely. We use your personal information for the following means:

  • To offer proper support to the customers, answer to the queries, investigate the issues and solve their problems.
  • To confirm and to verify the rights of the customers to provide extra features of the application and the site.
  • To customize and personalize the content of the application according to the customers’ needs and requirements.
  • To improve the services, the site and the application by getting customer responses and analyzing survey answers.
  • To maintain and improve the quality of the application, the site and the services provided by the site.

We ensure that your information will be fully protected and we will not disclose the information to third party without your permission. All the customers reserve their rights for not allowing their personal information to be used for the cause of advertisement. The site don’t offer any sort of the product, but we direct you to other sites to make reservations.

Almost all pictures on this website tend to be taken from a general public forum and consumer publish.

We treat every abuse very seriously. If you wish to report a copyright infringement you have to do so properly, if you have any issues with our content please contact us and provide us with the details below:

  • your email
  • the link of post
  • your issue in details