Many always think the Caribbean is good for visitation during the summer time but that’s not true. The Caribbean can visited during anytime of the year. It’s just that experience varies during different season. He following are some of the things you will find interesting in different month of the year.

January – February

Sunshine and warm weather are experienced in the Caribbean more than ever in the Bahamas and Bermuda. It is a great when you want to escape the snowy New Year and where you can spend the month a Caribbean way. The Caribbean is well-known for throwing great New Year especially in St. Kitts and Bahamas, and hosting carnival celebrations and parades like in Barbados, Puerto Rico, Aruba and Curacao.

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The Caribbean is also a favorite place for lovers in the month of February, Spellbound with the love bug, whether you are on a honeymoon, a date or just a romantic trip. Such is a period when romantics heat up in Bermuda for the Love Festival, the resorts offer romantic packages to streets romped with jump-ups, woo couples, shops packed with extravaganzas and concerts loaded with the love fever. The Caribbean celebrates the frenzy Mardi Gras, a dreamy yet superb affair of masquerade balls, carnivals and parades of costumed merrymakers during this period.

March – April

This period is a warm and dry weather in the Caribbean. March and April are the most ideal months of the year by many Spring Break and off-work vacationers. Many of these tourists enjoy the leisure of frat-party atmosphere especially in Cancun, Cozumel, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and Puerto Rico. During this period of the year, island-spiced St. Patrick and Easter celebrations are also held, and it also serves as a films show time in the Bermuda International Film Festival and a lot of resorts are getting packed up with water lovers. Boat races alongside other sporting events are also most loved during this time even though rains are experienced in some areas.

May – June

The Best Time of the Year to Travel to the Caribbean

May to June is the Caribbean period when lots of hotels and shops lower their prices than in the previous months. Many hotels often lower their rates just to fill-up the rooms and many shops give away last-minute bargains.

Actually, this period has fewer tourists than the previous periods. May is the month of the year when beaches and resorts are most-fun to visit. The daily temperatures during these months are not hot, so swimming and other beach activities are good for the month.

The start of the trade winds in the Caribbean Islands commence in June. This make many windsurfers from around the world come around to the Islands particularly in Aruba to compete, join the premiere sports events and event the water adventure spree in the sea. Sports fishing and kite boarding are much loved during these months. Other events also include soca music competitions and beauty pageants and the likes.

July – August

July to August is tempting to visitors because of its low-season rates and the daily temperatures in the Caribbean Islands are mostly warm and summer humid.

The summer moisture levels in the month of July in the islands are mostly great. This is why the season is fair enough for many water activities. July is also the peak of the season in Bermuda where fishing tournaments and cricket festivals are annually held.

August travel is still wonderful for various water activities. Festivals are still held in numerous islands including the Anguilla Sumfest. Boat racing is most loved in Grenada during this month.

Best Time of the Year to Travel to the Caribbean

September – October

The temperatures during these months are still mostly warm when numerous water activities are fun but tropical storms sometimes hinder travels.

However, September is a silence month in the Caribbean Islands but some events are still on during October when sailing regattas, exciting music festivals and fishing tournaments are held.

November – December

November temperatures in the Caribbean are always warm with the Bermuda having cooler temperatures and the northern parts experiencing colder conditions. Yet, off-season prices are attractive features of this month in the Islands when renting villas are primary options for families, airfare deals are great offers to various travelers and unique cruise line packages are great preferences by the sea adventurers. Also, regattas, film festivals and triathlons are often held during this month. Even the week-long Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands is famous during this time.

December temperatures are the coolest of the temperature of the year in the Caribbean but they are still warm for vacation in the highs of 70 Fahrenheit. Many people visit the Islands during this time mainly those who wants to spend their Christmas vacation on a beach. This is a primary time when lots of Caribbean traditions are most delightful to experience like the Jon Vost Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, the Junkanoo dancing in the Bahamas, the St. Nicholas Day in Dutch Caribbean areas and numerous festivals in almost all areas of the Caribbean Islands.

Meanwhile beach museum visits, bumming, exquisite resorts and tours are often a prominent among “tropical vacationer.” Caribbean festivals however, help break down the barriers and bring island hoppers and locals together through dancing, parades, music, and food with their own unique spin of celebration. These festival acts as a showcase of distinctive Caribbean’s culture, giving you an authentic experience to pair nicely with beach relaxation.

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So I think you now have a crisp idea of how fun filled the Caribbean are throughout the year. It is worth touring! So start planning your next vacation to the Caribbean region now.

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