Are you planning a family vacation and falling short of ideas? Well, in today’s chaotic work schedule, what’s more soothing than to spend time at the beach?

The Bahamas is an archipelago which comprises of 2,500 cays and 700 islands. The islands have a climate, very warm and friendly people, and the clearest waters in the whole Caribbean region. It isn’t astonishing that tourism is the island’s largest industry.

It will be fun for you to learn about the island’s history before actually visiting it, simply to know about its diverse past. You will find tales of the notorious pirates Blackbeard, Calico Jack, and Loyalists who escaped the American Revolution to reconstruct their lives on the then recognized British soil, it’s very interesting.

The Bahamas offers everything that one can think of for a superb vacation with loved ones. Be it bathing in the sunny beaches that are awash with natural splendor, or walking along the colorful streets or getting wild over the adventures and water sports; all of it is at your arm in the Bahamas.

water sports in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has some of the most remarkable beaches in the world and if you are looking for the wonderful beach, you might just find it here. Most beaches are extraordinarily white; with sand so fine it is soft to the touch. Beaches in the Bahamas are typically either an activity beach or a deserted beach. On an activity beach such as Cable Beach in Nassau, you will find tons of things to do like windsurfing, Water-skiing, diving, sailing, fishing, parasailing, beach bars, seaside restaurants, local entertainment, etc.

The Bahamas is famous for some very popular resorts. Home to The Atlantis Bahamas Resort, this is one of the biggest hotel complexes in the world, with tons of shops and activities. Both children and adults will enjoy the 14-acre sea world with water slides, white sandy beaches, a lagoon for water sports and underground grottoes along with an underwater viewing tunnel and the cascading waterfalls.

Atlantis Bahamas

Another resort is the Golf Resort and Radisson Cable Beach which is situated on 1,000 feet of Nassau’s most stunning beach, the resort includes seven acres of tropical waterscapes, indoor and outdoor restaurants offering assorted dining options from the casual poolside Dolphin Beach Grill to the gourmet cuisine of Amici’s.

The Bahamas are famous for offering a multitude of vacation experiences to its visitors, whether you wish to spend your holidays in a family-friendly resort for a tropical escape or enjoy the adventurous water sports in the clean and clear Bahamas climate; all are available at Bahamas. Besides its most renowned sun-bathing in spectacular beachscapes, the island also gives great championship outdoor sports and golf courses, with swimming with dolphins and duty-free shopping, diving, and great cuisine.

Why You Will Fall In Love With Nassau, Bahamas Vacation?  

Nassau is the crucial cultural Bahamian experience.  A mix of African, Spanish, and British cultures has created an island culture truly exclusive to Nassau. A Nassau vacation is an easy choice for families. Children under 12 stay for free. On this dreamlike island, British English is spoken, steel drum music float in the air and recreation is a way of life.

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Nassau Culture and History 

Nassau has been home to explorers, pirates, and natives for centuries. The pirate atmosphere has deep roots to the days when local people would place lights on the reefs to entice ships to crash on their shores. Goods and booty would be collected from the waves and resold.

Nassau has a particularly sturdy cultural expression in part because it is the capital of the Bahamas. The Bahamas became an unwilling member of the United Kingdom in 1629 when King Charles the first asserted the chain of islands additionally to the Carolina’s in the American South.

Making Travel Plans for Your Nassau Vacation

Generally, travelling to Nassau is accomplished by plane or boat. The major airport is Nassau International Airport. Taxis can be taken around the island and water taxis are common for inter island travel.

American planes flying to Nassau are cleared to bypass customs based on an agreement between the two countries. Arrival to Nassau by water is common. A lot of big cruise lines call on the port in Nassau while Yachts and smaller sailboats frequently move on the water ways.

Island Activities

Nassau has deep cultural roots which make onshore activities exciting and vigorous. Downtown Nassau home the cultural heritage of the Bahamas. Walking tours of the areas colonial subjective architecture are a popular choice.  Maps of the central town squares can be found through any gatekeeper for self guided walking tours. The food, architecture and music are unique blend of Spanish, British and South African influences.

A water or beach activity is a must on your Nassau Bahamas vacation because it’s always mind blowing. However, to you, if vacation means relaxing on your back, go for a mattress and float in the protected shoals of the Caribbean while tropical fishes dart through the water.

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