In case you are planning to journey to the Bahamas in overdue December or early January, there’s something that you actually need to see. Each year on December 26th and New 12 month’s Day, the Junkanoo Festival receives underway in lots of cities across the Bahamas which makes it qualified to be called the heartbeat of Nassau festivals.

The biggest Junkanoo celebration takes location in Nassau, the capital. So book your all inclusive Bahamas holiday now and get equipped to party!

Junkanoo festival

Junkanoo is a carnival in Bahama which features the local music and costumes. The residents of the island annex as one large group to celebrate their freedom, their past and their culture. Different groups compete for cash prizes yearly in their costumes made from cardboard covered in tiny pieces of colorful crepe paper.

Parades are always on the streets which always sound like cowbells. Gunshots always serve as the opening of this parade around 2 am and always continue till about 9 am on Boxing Day (December 26th) and New Year’s Day. Its  by 9 am that results of the winners of the parades are announced.

Lots of stories are known about the origin of Junkanoo Festival but the most widely accepted of all gives credit to a prince in African, who is also a slave trader by name, John Canoe. It is learnt that the Dutch and English feared him when he controlled Fort Brandenbury.

The African slaves viewed him as a hero and idolized him; when slaves were brought to the Bahamas, they continued to worship him.

During his reign, the slaves were freed for 3 days off the year – January 1st, December 25th and December 26th– which is why Junkanoo Festival takes place on those days. December 26th was acknowledge as a public holiday in 1938 which is now known as Boxing day because of the gift exchange and boxing activities.

If you are visiting the Bahamas during this exciting time of year, make sure you bring enough of presents that you can open on Christmas Day and on Boxing Day at your Bahamas vacation rentals.

There is no doubting that Junkanoo is always an exciting time to witness. At no other time of the year do the people of the Bahamas come together to celebrate as a whole. Experiencing Junkanoo is a once in a lifetime experience that you will be talking about for years to come.

Junkanoo Festival – Key Festival in Nassau, Bahama

junkanoo carnival

Every interesting locality has its own celebrations and indigenous events which visitors always love to witness and the Bahamas are no exception. The Bahamas at first appears to be a passive and isolated place far away from the bustling behavior of the everyday life in the big city.

However, upon closer assessment of the islands, they are in reality swarming with a profusion of activities and events for visitors of all ages.

It doesn’t matter if you are in search of family fun or various nightlife events, all could be found in the Bahamas. Each of the islands has their own activities to occupy any idol hours -for those who seek them.

Water related sports and events are always available to the fullest and you can be assured that you will find some of the finest fishing in the world on any of the Bahamas Islands, diving that is unequaled by any other location, and boating fit for the fussiest of captains.

Of all the events found on these Caribbean, you can find the islands most talked about cultural festival known as “Junkanoo.” Even the Junkanoo has evolved to be larger and now called the Junkanoo Summer Festival. This thrilling event is always heard between June and August and is celebrated at the same time as on Nassau/Paradise Island, The Abacos as well as the Grand Bahama Island.

On the Nassau Island you will discover all the familiar things that are usually found in the “Junkanoo in June.” In addition, some extra features had been added and surprise to make the celebration even more exciting and fun for visitors.

The heritage and cultural blast that is held every Saturday evening features a lot of several theatrical performances, local musical talents, local cultural demonstrations, native dishes inclusive with tropical drinks and the Kid’s Camp which is centered around the younger generation.

Junkanoo represents Bahamas utmost cultural event scheduled for the year. Although well-known worldwide and familiar to several this event is strictly about the Bahamas and covers various aspects of this different cultural exponent.

To aid Junkanoo Summer Festival, major Junkanoo groups derive their funds from corporate sponsors. Of particular interest is the enormous cost associated with this event which is usually upwards of $40,000 to $100,000. Many local corporations offer both financial and other support for the activities.

These companies range from Sun International, Aquapure Water Limited, Shell, Colombian Emeralds International and Bahamas Limited. Therefore, this is done because Junkanoo Festival is the heartbeat of Nassau festivals in Bahamas.

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