Looking for Hotels in Nassau Bahamas Paradise Island? Here’s a list of the best hotels in Paradise Island. You’ll find 3 categories below: 5 Stars, Cheap and Sea view.

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Hotels in Nassau Bahamas Paradise Island

If you have decided to stay in the hotels near the paradise island then you can enjoy white powdery sand beaches. It all will develop love for the fabulous beaches, historic charm and vibrant pulse. This all beauty gives you an outstanding satisfaction. The hotels in Nassau Bahamas Paradise Island are unique and varied. As something gives you happiness its size doesn’t matter. Same feeling appear for the hotels of paradise island. The outside view gives you another type of delight which you never feel. As you are bored from your daily routine then you can enjoy very much as you can. There are many hotels in Nassau Bahamas Paradise Island anyways some of them are discussed here.

Comfort suit Paradise Island

There is a swimming pool and bar outside it gives you mental satisfaction. Moreover it provides you free transportation service and free WIFI service. Staying near Paradise Island has beauty itself. Your children can go out and enjoy themselves by playing with sand and make different things by using it. This may provide you relaxation. The breakfast given to you is delicious and tasty.

Beacon hotel south beach

Complimentary hot breakfast is served to you daily. Laundry service and dry cleaning is also provided to the tourists. Complimentary wireless system, safes in rooms and attach baths are the other services which are provided to the tourists. Pets are also allowed to keep here. When the sun rise and when it sets it gives another type of happiness to you. From your large window present at your room you can enjoy this scene. Fresh air always comes from there which makes you healthy.

Paradise harbor club

The staff is very nice to you. They can give anything to you of your need. Free WIFI service, oven, refrigerator, air conditioned, coffee maker, beds with clean bed sheets are some of its benefits given to you. Other than this they can also provide you transportation service.

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