I’m surprised when I talk to someone about the Exuma Bahamas hotels for a good stay and exciting adventure, then they suddenly ask me “what is the Exumas you’re talking about? And why are you arranging our vacation there and looking for a hotel?”

I can’t blame you, because I didn’t know it until a dear friend of mine was booking a room in a hotel there and I got curious and asked him about the Exumas!

They are beautiful island chains located in the Bahamas where you can do exciting, unforgettable adventures like swimming with pigs and SHARKS!

Stretching just South of Nassau, you’ll find the Exumas that is made of 365 cays and it’s the most popular, most visited destination in the Bahamas. Its shiny white sand beaches, dazzling blue water, and intriguing aquatic life it what brought millions from across the world and what will interest you enough to visit the Exumas.

Swimimg pigs is what fascinates us the most about the Exumas and if checked Instagram, you’ll find lots of people from all over the world taking pictures in the Exumas while they swim with the pigs.

What about giving you some good Exuma Bahamas hotels reviews to enjoy your stay and take off to an exciting adventure?

The Best 8 Exuma Bahamas Hotels:

Exuma Bahamas Hotels

When searching for good hotels to stay at the Exumas, we put together a list of the best 10 hotels or resorts to stay at for an unforgettable adventure and exciting stay!

You don’t want a bad hotel stay ruin your vacation at the Exumas now, don’t you?

So here’s our top recommended list of Exuma Bahamas hotels & resorts:

1.     Paradise Bay Bahamas:

Paradise Bay Resort is a beautiful boutique hotel with a pleasant style that’s located directly on the Great Exuma Island beach. This three-star hotel has 10 stand-alone villas and cottages for the friendly and laid-back vibe. Paradise Bay has rooms full of space and of modern design and awesome amenities, for instance; contemporary bathrooms, mini-fridges, and wooden decks looking at the blue ocean. It is one of the best Exuma Bahamas hotels you’ll ever stay in.

2.     St Francis Resort:

A peaceful and isolated getaway for those looking for a relaxing vacation away from it all, the mid-range St Francis Resort is your answer! It is located on Stocking Island, which is just a ten-minute short boat ride from Exuma itself. Although it is a small place with only 8 rooms, guests at St Francis Resort have the best opportunity to sit and have the whole beach for themselves! This makes it one of the unique Exuma Bahamas hotels & resort on our list.

3.     Hideaways at Palm Bay:

Just along Queen’s Highway – a popular road admired by many tourists – you’ll find a three-pearl charming resort with 40 rooms distributed over cottages and villas. Hideaways Resort has a homey feel to it with its spacious rooms that include full kitchens or kitchenettes and most are looking directly at the sparkling white sand beach.

There’s free, delicious breakfast for their hotel guests and it’s also open to the public which is something i don’t think any Exuma Bahamas hotels do!

4.     Grand Isle Resort & Spa:

You’ll find this science upscale place, located on the natural island of Great Exuma, called the Grand Isle Resort & Spa and what’s amazing it stands out from the rest of the Exuma Bahama hotels is its gorgeous infinity pool, on-site spa, large golf course and pool-side restaurants.

It has 79 spacious villas with high-end modern furnishings that will make you enjoy your stay for sure.

5.     Exuma Beach Resort:

Only a short drive away from the Exuma capital, George Town, you’ll find the Exuma Beach Resort, a property with only 8 rooms. With its modern, sharp room designs and outdoor seating, enjoy a marvelous stay. Don’t miss the outdoor bar that is very popular at the Exuma Beach Resort and its relaxing sand garden with DJs spinning on the weekends.

The restaurant offers its guests traditional, yet delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for its guests with Bahamian flair, although sadly breakfast isn’t included with normal room rates at the Exuma Beach Resort.

6.     Sandals Emerald Bay Golf, Tennis & Spa Resort:

The best of all Exuma Bahama hotels for couples is the Sandals Emerald, since it sets the romantic scene with its quiet pools, fire pits, and activities that you can share together, for instance, diving. Nevertheless, that does not mean that singles will not enjoy the Sandal Emerald, in fact, you’ll enjoy its tranquility and the state of peacefulness.

7.     Augusta Bay:

If you are someone who likes being served, yet prioritizes simplicity and an absence of unsolicited questions or attempts at interaction, Augusta Bay is great. It’s small, simple, and very low key.

The wonderful service staff of Augusta Bay makes it an enjoyable stay. The hotel is almost 1 minute away from the capital, George Town, on Hoopers Bay, which is lovely sheltered water.

You are a swift boat ride away to Stocking Island, where you have Latitudes next door for excellent live music and amazing bar. The food at Augusta Bay is great and so delicious.

8.     Cottage cut villas:

This is one great villa with a super kind owner and next-door-neighbor. The way to get there is a little lumpy since it is rocks and dirt. It is much better with a larger car, which can manage the ride to the Cottage cut villas. You will meet excellent taxi drivers. It is a wonderful location and well managed.

These are the best 8 Exuma Bahamas Hotels and resorts for an awesome adventure and travelers’ reviews and ours regarding each one. If you’ve ever been to the Exumas or planning to, share with us your experience, plans and your adventures and what fascinated you most about this marvelous islands.

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Also, share your opinion if you stayed in any of the mentioned above Exuma Bahamas Hotels and tell us what you think of it. Have a nice adventure and stay at the Exumas.

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