Would You Change Your Travel Plans After Revealing World’s Most Dangerous Countries ?

All travelers are concerned after the International SOS and Control Risks releases a “Travel Risk Map” that shows all tourist friendly countries across the globe. The data are collected from several institutions like the “World Health Organization”.

After hearing this, you should be planning your 2018 trip based on the least dangerous countries on this map. Who wants to book a trip to death, right? Check it out and share it with your family.

The map reveals a risk rate to all world countries based on road safety, medical care, and security inside the country. Not only that 63% of people voted that risks during travel made a serious increase the past few years. But also threats and natural disasters were reported as the main reasons for changing and canceling travel plans in 2018.

These are serious information you should acknowledge before you plan your next trip. Otherwise you’ll be risking your life.

This is how much travelers will be risking their health in 2018 across the globe:

And this is how the world looks from a security threat point of view :

Finally, the number of road accidents :


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