Do you need cheap flights to Russia to attend the World Cup 2018?

Everyone’s talking about the 21st World Cup 2018 and you’re wondering how much it costs to attend. Let’s find out everything about the biggest sports event in the world.

Well, it takes place in Russia from Thursday 14 June to Sunday 15 July, you know that for sure.

What everyone is asking themselves is how to find cheap flights to Russia and where would they find cheap hotel reservations to stay during the tournament.

You know what, the question you should be asking yourself is what is the best time to book the tickets!

Let me put your minds at peace.

World Cup 2018 Cheap Flights to Russia

If you buy the World Cup 2018 tickets already, you’ll get free visa travel to Russia; you’ll have to apply for a Fan ID first.

Though this sounds somehow easy, let’s face it; A LOT EXPENSIVE. Look at the world cup 2018 ticket prices for package booking:

 World Cup tickets prices

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So in order to avoid this joke, we’ll offer you exclusive, cheapest tickets to Russia right here.

Now click here to see our Russia travel tickets prices and feel free to compare them and make your research!

The next question you’ll be asking yourself is where would I stay during the World Cup tournament. Find out down below and thank me later:

Cheapest Hotels Reservations in Russia

As we put our clients need at first stage, you’ll also find the best hotel reservation offers on our website here.

Choose your favorite package and schedule your travel to the world cup 2018 in Russia at the right time!

world cup 2018 tickets

Do whatever you like, but in any case, avoid booking at the last minute.

Try to book your flights to Russia a bit earlier than when the World Cup start in order to enjoy your stay and get to know your surroundings. More importantly, to avoid the crowds and the huge increase in prices.

It’ll be easier to book the World Cup 2018 tickets from Russia.

Are you going to Russia next July to attend the World Cup 2018?

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