We have decided to gather some real reviews from travelers regarding the best Bimini Bahamas hotels; their opinions on the beds they slept on, the swimming pools, the restaurants, and quality of service. We collected the best 10 hotels for your comfort and luxury when you visit the Bahamas.

Bimini Bahamas Hotels

This a list we’ve put together with the best all-inclusive Bimini Bahamas hotels with the following amenities; the quality of the hotel’s facility and the food and drink, which are considered the 2 most important factors for anyone staying at a hotel.

The Top 10 Bimini Bahamas Hotels:

1.      Small Hope Bay Lodge:

Small Hope Bay Lodge is an all-inclusive property, yet informal and located on Andros Island (a short quick flight from Nassau.) If you are a traveler looking to getting lost in a quiet, secluded, property full of natural views, then Small Hope Bay Lodge is your choice among the Bimini Bahamas hotels. There are many activities full of excitement; you can go diving, snorkeling, fishing and enjoy nature walks that will keep occupy throughout your whole stay.

You’ll find 21 cabins that you can choose between, however, there is not much of Wi-Fi service or TVs, but you’ll have porches facing the ocean to enjoy the relaxing view. The friendly and communal atmosphere makes the guests love lingering by the outdoor grill, sip delicious drinks at the bar and share their meals at the Bay’s luxurious restaurants.

When talking about its prices, travelers have agreed that Small Hope Bay has the best rates and prices when compared to other Bimini Bahamas hotels around.

2.      Fowl Cay Resort:

You’ll never know the meaning of crowded beaches in the Fowl Cay resort since it’s on a private island (50 acres with 3 beaches) that welcomes maximum 48 guests at a time. You’ll enjoy spacious villas, your personal boats for an everyday excursions, on-call services, wet bars and full stocked kitchens.

Some travelers say that the Fowl Cay villas have some worn out furnishings and outdated décor designs, which is not matching its high price rates.

3.      Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach-An All Inclusive Resort:

It’s considered of the old Bimini Bahamas hotels that is all-inclusive with 276 rooms. Viva Wyndham is a good choice for those looking for all amenities at a good, affordable price. The best thing about is that is only 10 minutes’ drive away from the attractions and restaurants in Lucaya and Freeport. The quality ranges from poor to mediocre regarding the service level of its pool, guest rooms and food. That explains the Viva Wyndham budget prices.

4.      Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island:

In the 1940s, it was famous for “Balmoral Club” back in the days; later on, as years passed it grew to be the 408-room resort and now called “Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort. “ Love is all you need” is their motto of service, which makes it quite interesting. The Roman columns, statues, fountains, 8 bars, and 10 elegant restaurants make quite an impression to this 3 level luxurious accommodation.

The rowdy English Cricketeer Pub and Piano Bar makes it one of the amazing romantic Bimini Bahamas hotels for couples and are both open until the wee hours.

5.      Melia Nassau Beach Resort:

The Melia Nassau Beach resort is a sprawling, upscale resort that you’ll definitely enjoy since it is located in a serene Cable Beach. Only 15 minutes away from the airport, so it is considered one of the nearest Bimini Bahamas hotels to the airport. This hotel has 694 rooms and 32 suites with tasteful and beautiful décor that your eyes will find fabulous.

You can enjoy the splashing sensation of its 3 pools, the entertainment, the stylish lobby and daily activities of the Melia. The best-served food ever is at its 6 on-site restaurants and on-site Starbucks.

What travelers find annoying is the long time for check-in, the Melia resort’s small size, and sometimes you’ll have to take a long walk from the elevator to some rooms.

6.      Riu Palace Paradise Island All-Inclusive:

In 2009, the Riu Palace has seen some renovation that made it one of the all-inclusive Bimini Bahamas hotels. You’ll enjoy a wonderful beach at the Riu Palace, and rooms with up-to-date decors and excellent upscale restaurants and breathtaking views. The best news for food lovers is that the Riu Palace offers you unlimited free booze and food

7.      Stella Maris Resort Club:

For island lovers, this is a resort found on a remote and beautiful Long Island. Stella Maris Resort Club has competitive rates yet it is a property with nature uniqueness and accommodations.  There are villas with upto 4 bedrooms, cottages and of course, hotel rooms, which make this resort, fit for all kind of events from a smooth relaxing vacation to having a party.

Its rooms are spacious, but don’t have any Wi-Fi or TVs. One of the things that make Stella Maris Resort stand out from the other hotels is that it has many activities free; like day trips, nature walks, caving, rum punch parties’ kayaks, bikes and boating.

8.      Grand Lucayan:

You’ll get some great beds and one convenient location in the Grand Lucayan with its amazing dining options, rooms and amenities.

9.      Atlantis:

Now, if you are going for a vacation with your children and family, then Atlantis is what you’ve been looking for! Atlantis has a Kids Club where little kids can feed baby sharks and stingrays! And that what makes this place cooler than any father or mother can ever be!

You have the lazy river rides and supersonic slides of the Aquaventure water park property, which makes Atlantis the most exciting place amongst all Bimini Bahamas hotels.

10. Comfort Suites:

Comfort Suites completely embraces its state as the next greatest thing after Atlantis on Paradise Island. Nevertheless, though, choosing the Comfort Suites is a more affordable alternative for you since it is cheaper yet offers excellent service.

These are basically the top 10 best Bimini Bahamas hotels and travelers reviews regarding each hotel. We hope that you enjoy your stay and also share your experience with us!

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