Traveling to Nassau is made easy with the availability of cheap flights all round the year. There are vacation packages that carter for every needs of the customer –they offer cheap flight and take care of all your activities while in Nassau. This type of package is best for you anytime you are traveling to the Caribbean island.

Nassau is a great spot for the best adventure feelings, many people now consider Nassau as their priority for adventure activities in the Caribbean. The most impressive part is that no matter how strict your budget is, you will find a flight that will fit in with your budget.

If you are dead beat of the cruise lines, giving you old-fashioned activities year after year, this is the right time to find adventure in this little Caribbean island. The shortlisted activities below can help you get the best experience from Nassau.

Adventure Activities You Could Enjoy In Nassau

Climbing the Nassau’s Vantage Point

This particular adventurous activity will make you discover your level of endurance. The Queen’s Staircase is the tower that would give you the give you the best view that the island could offer if you are able to make it o the top. The top of this vantage is the highest point in the island. You will have to walk to the top taking a lot of water along with you or else you get tired halfway. A comfortable shoe helps a lot in accomplishing this journey because if you are to quit halfway it is a long way down which isn’t encouraging. So if you can’t endure to the peak other vantage points are available so you can enjoy your stay on the island.


parasailing in nassau

This has been popularized over the years. Make sure you have no qualms with high altitude if you would be interested in parasailing. There have been a lot of cases when adventurers panic when high in the air. This particular activity is for those who doesn’t have high altitude phobia but it is worth checking out. Also, you wears that would make you feel comfortable should be prepared for before this activity and a waterproof camera should be taking along if you plan to take photography in the air while parasailing because you may swim when the boat slows down.

Scuba Dive into the Water

Learning the basic sign language for diving is significant if it’s your first time to scuba dive. This would be helpful for effective communication while underwater. The most important basic rule for diving is that you must not touch anything while underwater so as to safe yourself from poisoning coral. Licensed scuba divers are always advised to dive with a partner.

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Play With Dolphins!

Play With Dolphins in Nassau

The Caribbean is now known for dolphins as part of it attractions which is rear to experience playing close with dolphins.

Just remember to enjoy the moment with these marine mammals and you will be astonished how lovely this experience is. But make sure to make it your last activity if you are going to do this activity. The establishments may sometimes ask for a hefty amount of fees For the purpose of taking care of the dolphins. Thus, if you have spare cash, you may go for it. Otherwise, simply let this adventure slide.

There are a lot of adventure activities that you could do in Nassau. you may not be enjoying the adventures when you travel their through cruise lines since it only takes a day or two before you head to another location. But if you are going there through flight, you have a lot of chances to enjoy more and you can easily find cheap flights to Nassau, plus cheap accommodation.

You will be surprised how these things can be so budget friendly from Nassau cheap flights to its adventure activities.

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